With marketing businesses popping out of the ground faster than mushrooms in spring, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hire a marketing agency that is authentic, knowledgeable and the perfect fit for you business. And (hopefully!) I shouldn’t have to tell you just how important it is to work with a marketing agency that fits in cohesively with your brand.

So to ensure you are getting the right bang for your buck, I’ve compiled my top four tips to keep in mind when hiring the right marketing agency for your business.

01: Make sure they’re human.

Okay, that may seem like a stupid thing to begin with, but hear me out. Avoid the self titled “gurus, wizards, gods, deities” etc, as I can guarantee that regardless of their ‘godly’ status, all you will end up doing is cursing them to hell once they’ve done their bit.

Good marketer have failed and succeeded enough to know that good campaigns are a combination of great offer, effective marketing and constant improvement.

And no guru status will make the campaigns magically work.

02: If their strategies are vague and confusing, move on.

It’s a safe bet that when i’m excited about working with a new client, I talk alot! My mouth is trying to keep up with my mind. Generally, however, I always surmise and get to a strategy and the reason behind the new call with the client. But what happens if you’ve just started working with your marketer and nothing (and i mean nothing) is making sense?

Remember to ask a million questions (and no, there are no stupid ones!). Make them explain it to you in a way that you can understand and follow going forward, so you are both on the same page.

They can’t explain efficiently? Then they are not the right fit for you. Only work with those who can put down a cohesive strategy that you can follow (even if you’re a complete newbie and need their initial guidance) and make sense of, so you don’t continue to be lost throughout the entire marketing process.

03: Promising exact results? Run to the hills.

It’s what we all wish for: someone to rush in and tell us “I will get your business a 5x ROI and $5.35 leads in three months!” But let’s be realistic here: Marketers coming in with open-ended promises such as those can be appealing, but can also leave you with a foul taste in your mouth if, three months down the line you’re only just hitting a (respectable, yet not promised for) 3x ROI and you are left wondering where it all went tits up.

Establish a relationship with a marketing agency who are keen to get inside your accounts, figure out what is and isn’t working, and improve on them in a way that will increase your ROI and profitability.

04: Be concerned if they won’t audit your accounts.

With all of the work that they have promised you, you should see your new marketer in your accounts trying things out, looking things through and making some of those aforementioned changes.

If not: red flag. This is pretty straightforward.

If your new marketer won’t give the attention your account warrants, you may find they do not have the necessary skills to practice what they’ve preached. Even worse if they’re outsourcing your work and not looking over it to ensure it is correct before switching it live. HUGE cost to you, and extremely bad of the marketer!

Have your marketer go through an initial account audit with you, even just to outline the major wins and losses to assure you they can in fact do their job, and are competent to move forward in the process. It also offers you peace of mind!


05: Find your financial and experiential marketer sweet  spot.

Found yourself the world’s best marketing agency as endorsed by Beyonce, and now you have to have them be the agency you work with… but for 15 minutes with them it costs half your salary, a flying pig and your first born child?

They may be known as the best general marketing agency, but they may not be your best marketing agency.

Sometimes it just makes financial sense with someone who my not yet have those 40 years of experience behind them, btu are a great rate and enthusiastic to work with you and do their best to help you thrive. Find the best sweet spot for your business between experience in the field, and financial stability for the agency that best suits your needs. You never know, you may just end up working with the next world’s best!

There you have it! My top four tips, plus a bonus. I hope they help you make a better decision when it comes to hiring your marketing agency.

My ultimate best piece of advice? The more you know about marketing, the easier it is to hire and manage an agency/freelancer. That’s one of the big reasons why I started FB Lessons membership. Yes it’s full of fun tutorials and good technical advice. But the main focus of this training has always been on understanding marketing fundamentals and getting personalized help with live Q&As. This way you can always get a second opinion and ensure your campaigns are performing well.