Want to jump into the deep pool of Facebook Ads, but aren’t sure where you want to start? If you’re deciding to only do one type of Facebook ads, I’d strongly suggest choosing Facebook remarketing.

Remarketing (some people call it retargeting) is one of the most effective online campaigns and, contrary to a popular belief, it’s not a magic unicorn that is super hard to set up.

Best of all, an effective Facebook remarketing campaign can run with very small budgets. Saving money: something we all like to do!

In this article, we are going to cover what remarketing is, how to set it up, and how to create your fist remarketing campaign.

1. What remarketing is and why it’s awesome.

Remarketing is used to show your ads specifically to the people who have visited your website before.

Generally, you only have one chance to convert your website visitors, and it’s a quick chance. It’s highly unlikely that they will go back to your web page and purchase after they close that browser tab. Except if, like me, they’ve clicked the wrong ‘x’ and closed ALL the tabs, which tends to result in very loud swearing.

The good news is, remarketing gives you a second chance to reach out to those people and re-engage them.

2. Components of remarketing

To set up your remarketing we need to do the following:

  • Install a tracking pixel onto your website
  • Create remarketing audiences in Facebook
  • Create the remarketing campaign

2.1 Install a tracking pixel on your website

First, let’s go to your Facebook Ads manager


Then click on the Menu and select Pixels.

Once you are on the pixels page. Click on Actions and click View Pixel Code.

Copy the entire code and place it in the <header></header> section of your website.

The technical details around pixel placement will vary depending on how your website is built. If your website is built on WordPress, I recommend using Tracking Code Manager plugin, for an easy placement.

2.2 Create a remarketing audience in Facebook

We start in our Ads Manager Menu again. This time, we need to click on Audiences.

Click on Create Audience and select Custom Audiences.

Select “Anyone who visits your website.” You can pick a specific domain (if you market multiple unrelated products) and name your new remarketing audience.

Pro Tip: Make sure you tick “Include past website traffic” to track people who visited your website in the last 30 days (even before you created these audiences).

2.3 Create a simple remarketing campaign

Now to the exciting part – let’s create your first remarketing campaign!

The easiest way to do it would be to create a strategically designed Facebook post and boost it to your remarketing audience.

Pro Tip: Make sure the post you create has a clear call-to-action.

Some good call to actions include:

  • Sign up for your free offer/ebook
  • Claim a consultation
  • Claim a special offer (you can include a discount code in the ad copy)
  • Product testimonial with a link to buy etc.

To start, let’s go to your Facebook business page and create a great engaging post. Don’t forget to add the link to your offer!

If you are not happy with the image that was loaded from the link, simply upload your custom image by clicking the plus sign, or change it once it’s published by clicking ‘edit’.

Click on Boost Post.

Using the top drop down, select your newly created custom audience, then set your ideal budget and duration and click Boost.

You are ready to publish your post. Click ‘Boost Now!’

And that is it! You have your first remarketing campaign up and running. Congratulations! Have yourself a happy dance in your lounge, you deserve it!

Now you can create your first remarketing campaign in 15 minutes or less. Set up your pixels, create an audience and boost a post with a great offer.

Go forth and harness the power of remarketing to grow your business!

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